Bungi from Victoria Falls Bridge

Located on the Victoria Falls Bridge, you will get to experience 111m of sheer adrenalin, as you plummet towards the mighty Zambezi. This is without a doubt one of the most spectacular jumps in the world - four seconds of free fall and speeds of up to 120km/h.

The 102 year old “Grand ol’ Dame” Bridge is suspended between 2 countries and the only place in the world that you get to jump in “no-mans land”.

Is there more than one type of bungi jump? Yes. If you are a first timer we suggest that you dive head first, bound at the ankles. This is the most common jump position and most natural feeling because it feels like diving into a swimming pool, except it’s the mighty Zambezi River racing down the Batoka Gorge 111 meters below the bridge!

If you are not brave enough to do this alone, you can always try a tandem jump. Convince a buddy to leap off the bridge with you. If you are looking for a bigger kick, speak to the jump master and ask if you qualify for one of the following jump options: Ankle tied back flip; Elevator; Running star – note that these are not for first timers!

The Bridge Swing offers you an opportunity for an amazing big air experience and sheer adrenalin in front of Victoria Falls. The swing is done using two 65m static line climbing ropes attached to a 10 tonne safe working load cable by a steel clamp. A 1m bungi cord is positioned on the clamp to provide the swinger with a smoother ride and more comfortable swing.

Swingers remain in a seated position throughout the recovery and can enjoy the view of both the falls and the bridge. The swinger is recovered to the winch platform and then walks out in the same manner as the bungi jumpers and come out on the Zambian side of the bridge (still in no-mans land!).

Recovery System: After the client has jumped, a recovery operator is lowered down to the jumper, who then attaches a recovery line to the body harness of the jumper. Both the jumper and operator are then winched back on to the catwalk below the bridge. During this process, the jumper is pulled into an upright position.

Clients are attached to a safety line on the catwalk and checked by a senior jumpmaster before being escorted onto the bridge road-deck.

What to bring:
> Passport – no visa necessary;
> US$ to purchase DVD’s and merchandise;
> No special clothing, equipment or experience is necessary.

Age Restrictions: No person under the age of 14 allowed, and those under 18 must have the written consent of their legal guardians.

Booking Restrictions: Weight: Minimum – 40 kilograms, Maximum – 140 kilograms.

Notes: Guests are required to make their own way to the Bridge. Sufficient time must be available to get to the Bridge, through the Border and to the Registration Area for signing up pre Bungi Jumping.