The Wildest White Water Rafting in the world

The greatest one day White Water Rafting experience in the world! Get ready for a wet, adrenalin-filled day down the mighty Zambezi River…

Shearwater started Rafting in Zimbabwe 22 years ago and offers you the opportunity to experience the exhilaration and thrills of some of the biggest rapids in the world with our highly trained professional rafting guides. View the spectacular scenery of the gorge; learn about the vegetation and wildlife, while you raft your way down the mighty Zambezi River.

All our trips include:
> Morning tea/coffee at check in for your briefing/ safety talk;
> Transfers to and from the gorges;
> Courtesy transfers from major hotels/ lodges within Vic Falls town center;
> Buffet and braai lunch;
> Minerals and beers after take out;
> Certificate to prove you braved the Zambezi;
> Video footage of your entire trip is professionally recorded and available for viewing and purchasing;
> High quality professional digital photographs are taken during the trip and available for viewing and purchase as well.

There are some restrictions. The minimum age restriction is 15 and proof may be requested. Although there is no maximum age limit, we retain the right to refuse any client who is clearly going to be unable to cope the rigors of rafting. Clients need to be fit and healthy and be able to understand instructions in English.

Note: All trips are totally dependent on water levels and it is important that clients are aware of the seasonal nature of the products: High water season is approximately from January to July and low water season - (Peak Season) approximately from August to early January.

Equipment: All rafting and river-boarding clients are issued with an adjustable buoyancy aid and helmet at the beginning of the trip. String is available for tying on sunglasses. Paddles are given to those clients who will be “paddle boating”. River boarders will be issued with flippers, a river board and a wet suit.

Walk-in/ Walk-out: The walk in and out of the gorge is steep and rocky. The walk-out is the equivalent of climbing a 70-story building. Clients will carry their buoyancy aids and helmets. Porters carry all other riverboarding equipment. There are plenty of places to rest on the way up and there is a refreshment stop at the halfway point. At the top of the gorge cold soft drinks, water and beers are available.

Guides: All guides are first aid qualified and there are a minimum of two Trip Leaders who hold both Advanced First Aid and Swift Water Rescue certification on every trip. All guides are licensed to guide on the river. Guides always carry a communication radio and first aid kit on the trip.

Health: Clients will be asked to declare any illnesses, injuries or ailments that may affect them during the trip.

Indemnity and Insurance: Shearwater Victoria Falls has a Public Liability Insurance cover of US$2 million per incident, which is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Communication: A radio is carried on every Shearwater trip, enabling the Trip Leader to have radio communication with the rafting base and MARS.

Videos & Photos: Depending on passenger volumes, for Multi-Day trips and River Boarding trips, these can be arranged on request. All videos and photos are displayed on locations to be announced and purchased from the sales desk, or during booking in advance.