Lion Safari Encounter

Prepare to have a lion experience of a lifetime

On arrival, you'll drive through the enclosure past some of the lions. There will be a safety briefing and an introduction on what Wildlife Encounter is all about, and the importance of lion and human peaceful cohabitation. You will be in a secure hide where you will be able to see the lions at eye level, and from a safe distance. Prepare yourself for a bit of an adrenaline rush. Fresh food will be placed in position, and then the large male lions are released. Watch the 'beasts' charge and see how powerful these big cats are, as close as possible.

The second part of the activity is an opportunity to witness the life of a lion pride. This experience takes you on a scenic drive through a 25 acre enclosure strategically placed within the teak forest housing a pride of 5 lions. An exquisite male and 4 beautiful females. From the safety of a secure safari vehicle, enjoy guaranteed sightings of our pride, with incredible photo opportunities as they go about their daily lion lives. As always, not only do these activities offer amazing experiences, but also contribute financially to the continued conservation and community development work.