Canoe Safari at Victoria Falls

Get up close to the upper Zambezi River for an amazing water experience. Gently paddle your way on the upper Zambezi River, enjoying the playground of the hippo, the shimmering green home of the crocodile and the watering holes of the buffalo and elephant as you canoe against the majestic backdrop of the Zambezi River.

Drift through the channels of the upper Zambezi and enjoy the ever-so-slight turbulence of the more placid rapids, just above Kandahar Island.

The professional canoe guide orientates you through the flora and fauna, birding and animal life spotted all from within the unique inflatable canoe boats. You may be fortunate to spot the Marshall Eagle or watch the Tiger fish jumping and the clawless otter playing in the shallow waters.

The guides will share all the realities of the amazing environment around you. Canoeing is available throughout the year.

Make your choice from our range of trips:

> Half day (Morning or afternoon adventure)

> Full day (Start early in the day, and end your trip in the late afternoon)

> Overnight (Camp in the Zambezi National Park)

> Multi day (2 day or 5 day camping in the Zambezi National Park)

> Wine Route (Sundowner) (A sunset canoe trip serving alcohol, soft drinks and snacks)

All our trips include:

> Courtesy transportation from all major lodges and hotels within the Victoria Falls town centre to the jetty sight.

> Amazing photo opportunities.

> Qualified guides who carry a first aid kit and communication radio.

> Refreshments on offer served on an island or in the canoes.

> Lunch for Full Day Canoeing and Morning Half Day, or snacks on the Wine Route Canoeing and afternoon Half Day.

> All meals and drinks for Overnight and Multi Day Canoeing Trips.